Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello, Thrift Store Warriors!

This is the first post of what will hopefully be a second-hand superhighway for resources, tips, tricks, questions and your finds in the great Thrift Store Confidential Hall of Fame!

Today I stopped into my favorite haunt, Housing Works Thrift Store at 77th & 3rd Avenue in New York City. My stylist extraordinnaire, Amanda, went through my wardrobe on Sunday and told me to look for a few pieces to supplement what I have for spring; a gray tunic, a black fitted blazer, black jeans, white jeans, a gold sequined tank, a black fitted cardigan and a denim pencil skirt.

At the fabulous Housing Works, I found, within 10 minutes, a gorgeous heather gray Banana Republic merino v-neck tunic sweater that curves in all the right places and is in pristine condition. $6.00!

Next, after a little digging, I found a sweet little black J Crew merino sweater with ruffle detail. Again, excellent condition, and only $10.00! Retail be damned, I say!

I did go off the program a little, because I also found a pair of kicky Fiorucci rain boots for $15.00, (shown here in the picture against a lovely modern pillow I found uptown for $5.00)!

I have spoken to stylish, savvy and sensible people from all walks of life about Thrift Store Confidential, and how my main goal is to take the shame out of shopping second hand. They all agree that it's high time that the rest of the country discovered what New Yorkers have known for years - Thrift Stores Rock!

We all know the economy is awful, and as a nation, we have to find a way to make lemonade in trying times and support each other as best we can. I've been shopping in second hand shops all of my life, supporting charities and local businesses as I do so, and managing to look pretty great without blowing my budget. At Thrift Store Confidential, we're here for you, brave warriors.

We're beginning work on our website and fabulous webisodes now, so please add http://www.thriftstoreconfidential.com to your RSS/delicious feeds and come back soon!

Go gettem'.
See you soon!

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  1. score! hey - i just had a thought, you could start a 'dibs' page on stuff that you run across, take it to the counter and put it on hold for 24hours, or at least over night as most thrift stores will oblige you this if they recognize you as a frequent shopper. then, if someone wants to make a mad dash for it, they paypal you for the location of the store you saw it at and the name you had written down on it, they can jet on over and pick it up!